Forex Risk Disclosure

Forex traders should be made aware of the risks associated with spot forex trading. Along with the potential rewards steps should be taken to minimize risks. Always trade the forex with a stop order in case of unexpected news or world events. The spot forex is also a leveraged market. Trading at 50:1 or higher leverage means you put up less money but the movements are exaggerated and volatility will be much higher. Demo trading and trading with micro lots for a period of time will assist traders in gaining experience with our trading system and is in fact a requirement. Only trade the forex with risk capital. Risk capital is generally defined as 5% of your total liquid net worth excluding any real estate of physical possessions. You must be prepared to lose all of your risk capital.

If you fail to meet any margin requirement, your currency pair positions may be liquidated and you may be responsible for any resulting losses, again check with your broker rules on this matter.

There are risks associated with utilizing an Internet-based trading system including, but not limited to, the failure of computer hardware, failure of internet connection, software bugs and glitches, and reliability of your Internet Service Provider (ISP). You may wish to employ computer backup systems and contingency plans to minimize the possibility of such system failure. Trading via telephone is available from most brokers, please be sure you have your brokers phone number and your account number handy in the case it is needed.

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